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Written by: Geoff Allchorn (Alacrity)
Written on: 1/28/2010 12:10:32 PM (Server Time EST)
Subject: Oil scavenge pipes on '64 500

Geoff Allchorn (Alacrity)  wrote:

OK you chaps, I am at the stage now where I need to install the oil scavenge pipe unions to the 1964 500 bitsa I am building up. I had two identical blocks, both '64 both with the two oil union scavenge setup both a different oil flow direction. I have one plain union & one with a one way valve in it that allows flow from the threaded end (i.e. the end in the block) outwards to the pipe that connects to it. Does this go in the bottom to lift the oil to the centre main (this would appear to be the logical way to me) or in the centre of the block sending oil to the bottom? One of you oracles must have an idea on this.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Geoff UK

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